Angie Thompson Sport Horses

Angie Thompson Sport Horses specialises in training quality showjumpers to compete and sell.

Angie Thompson Sport Horses specialises in training quality showjumpers to compete and sell. Angie Thompson is an International showjumper.

Royal Cornwall

Bath & West and Cornwall are one of my favourite county shows. The main rings are awesome to jump in. Calrina's was off colour but managed enough energy to finish 4th in the 140m open. Balou had a 2nd in the 135m open and jumped fantastic in the Grand Prix but just tipped the very last Jump to finish in 6th place. My new Grade A ride Jubilee was clear in the 135m open and came 6th and finished 3rd in the Grand Prix out of 22. She jumped two lovely rounds. Just getting to know her. Next stop Cheshire County and then Hand EC.

Bath & West

After days of rain the ground did hold up pretty well in the main arena. Calrina had a great win in the opening days 140m open. She jumped extremely well in the jump off. I turned her very tight in to all the jumps which won us the class. Balou had a good second in the Accumulator. Calvaro B jumped his first 140m for one down which we were very pleased with. Athene H was a dude and won the B&C handicap. β˜”β˜”


Calrina was 3rd with a quick double clear in the 135 A10 and Eldorada once again jumped a lovely double clear in the Newcomers. Unfortunately we didn't have any luck in the Hoys Talent Seekers Qualifier. Next stop Bath & West show.

Onley with the youngsters

My talented 5yr old Eldorado ❀won the newcomers on Wednesday. He jumped awesome and did some lovely educational turns. Canberra Z also jumped a lovely double clear to finish 4th. Well done to Jasmin Head in her first ever Foxhunter Class riding Cominka. She jumped a great round until a bird flew up just in front of the last double and spooked Cominka and therefore ended up far too deep at the vertical going in to the double and had it down.. Very unfortunate! Big smiles though. πŸ˜ƒ

Wales & West

It's all go... We were back to Wales & West for the Hoys Foxhunter second round on Monday 12th with Calvaro B. He jumped a cracking clear in the first round and had such an unfortunate rail coming out of the combination in the second round. Such a shame as there were only 3 clears in to the last round.
Calrina WBF jumped her first Area Trial of the season and just had the second fence down and then jumped clear. We had some time faults as well as I didn't bother to push for the tight time. It was a long course of 14 jumps plus two doubles and a triple so very good for her fitness ready for the big County show rings.

Newark & Notts County Show.

Balou did a super double clear in the Hoys Grade C Qualifier over a tough 135m track to finish 6th out of a competitive field of 75 ish riders. The jump off was up to 145m and I opted for a quick but safe clear which unfortunately was not enough to qualify this time as the jump off times got faster by the end of the class.
Calrina jumped a lovely clear in the Accumulator.

Wales & West

Calvaro B jumped a super round one of only 5 clears in the 7yr section of the talent Seekers yesterday over a tough track. He tipped a couple of poles in the jump off to finish 10th out of about 70. It was the first time I have tried him against the clock and we lost a bit of rhythm with all the turns. There were Only 3 double clears in the end.
Balou was unfortunate and just had the pink stile down in the first round. She was too keen so I did do a circle to steady her down to finish the rest of the course very nicely. πŸ˜ƒ

Rockingham Castle

We had a super show at Rockingham Horse Trials at the weekend. This was our first show of the year jumping on grass. The ground was very good and the weather was great. 🌞 I was 2nd in the 130m open on Calrina WBF on the Saturday and we were also 3rd in the 140m on Sunday. Balou owned by Jane Dixon jumped fantastic and won the Accumulator on the first day and then we also won a strong 140m A10 on the Sunday. (I have uploaded Balou's video on to my You tube channel search Angie Thompson Showjumper) Calvaro B did a nice clear in the Accumulator and jumped beautifully to come 3rd on the second day in the 6/7 yrs. Athene H owned by Jasmin Head won the B&C on the Sunday! It was nice to come back in profit!! A very enjoyable show.
Balou was very unlucky to just miss out Qualifying for HOYS the previous week after jumping a fabulous double clear to finish 5th out of 145 competitors in the Takent Seekers at Weston Lawns.
Our next show is Wales & West for the Hoys Talent Seekers and then Newark & Notts for the Hoys Grade C Qualifier.
Busy busy busy!

Outdoor season starts

Well it's been a very busy few weeks with shows including the Blue Chips Champs and Weston Lawns and plenty of teaching.
We had a nice day at Weston Lawns a couple of weeks ago with Bella coming 2nd in the Newcomers Athene H winning the Foxhunter and Balou coming 3rd in the AB,C h cap also Calvaro B did his first show after his holiday and had a nice double clear.
We had a few good placing a at The Blue Chip Champs. The best result was Calrina WBF coming 3rd in the A&B Pro Challenge in yet another very fast jump off class! Bella was placed 6th in her Power final and Zomeroos was also placed in her class.
Balou had a good win at Weston Lawns in the A,B&C handicap on Thursday and Zomeroos had a 2nd in the 120m open.
All ready for the County Shows and the HOYS Qualifiers to start! 😎


Cheltenham Festival & Solihull

Had a great day on Tuesday at the festival with my sisters and friends. A couple of winners always helps plus the weather was fabulous!! 🌞

Had a decent show at Solihull on wed. 7 year old Bella owned by Tors Mallin jumped awesome and was 2nd in the Newcomers and also 2nd in the Foxhunter. Zomeroos had a little outing and skipped round the 1.15m which she ended up winning. The talented 9 year old Balou owned by Jane Dixon had her first outing since her two month holiday and jumped a lovely double clear in the 1.20m open.
Really looking forward to going to Cheltenham Festival tomorrow. I hope The Giant Bolster runs a good race in the Gold Cup. He's looking up for it plus his jockey Tom Scudamore has been on firing form with three wins so far. Good luck!! πŸ†πŸ‡

Spring is coming! 🌞

Not a bad day at the show on Wed. I did my first show on Tors Mallin's lovely little 7yr old grey mare Bella. She did a super double clear in the Newcomers and placed 4th and had a very unlucky 4 faults in jump off of the Foxhunter but not bad considering it was her first show for a few months. Did my first show on Katie's Johnson's Coco Van Het Eelshof and she also did a nice double clear in the Newcomers. Jasmine Head did two great clears in the 105 and 115m opens on the gorgeous Athene H. Really pleased for her. Cindorada jumped a super double clear in a strong Foxhunter. Really excited and looking forward to Cheltenham Festival next week. Come on The Bolster! He's looking good.πŸ‡πŸ†

Results from Solihull Premier show

Jump offs are definitely getting faster and faster..every class was foot to the floor especially as there was some decent prize money on offer. I decided to just do two days jumping as the horses had been good and done enough. On the Thursday Athene H jumped his socks off again and was 3rd and I was also 5th on Cindorada in the Foxhunter A7 class. There were 55 entries in the Blue Chip 1.25m qualifier so the jump off was flat out again.. Zomeroos was a poppet and was 4th after we successfully pulled off a very sharp turn. On the Friday Athene H jumped super again and was 2nd in an extremely fast Blue Chip Karma qualifier again with 50 or so entries. Cominka also jumped a very nice double clear and was placed in the Karma qualifier. Calrina WBF did another fast double clear in the 1.30m class. I only took three horses on Friday so it wasn't such a long day with them stood on the lorry. Probably back to Solihull next Wednesday with the baby horses! πŸ˜„

Long Winter!

Well I managed to escape the awful weather and went skiing in Meribel France for 3 days over the weekend which was great fun. It was straight back to horses when I got home with the usual Solihull show on a Wednesday. Eldorada jumped fantastic again with a double clear in the Newcomers. Zomeroos did her first show for months and was clear in the 115m open. Cindorada was double clear in the Foxhunter. Calrina WBF was double clear in the 125m open which was her first show since HOYS after a holiday and Athene H was awesome and came 2nd in the 125m. Back to Solihull again next week for their Premier Show. Definitely ready for Spring to arrive!!!

I had a lovely day last Saturday at Cheltenham Races after The Giant Bolster won the Argento Chase by 7 lengths. I had been working along side Trainer David Bridgewater over the last month to improve his confidence jumping and sweeten him up. Hats off to Bridgie for thinking outside the box. Hopefully he will be at his best for Gold Cup day.
On Wednesday IL Quantro Van De Marsweg 6yr old by Cicero owned by Alan Hudson jumped two lovely double clears in the Discovery and Newcomers classes. I've been very pleased with his progress as I've only been riding him for three weeks and he was very green when he arrived. The gorgeous 5yr old Eldorada by Diarado also jumped a double clear and i won the Foxhunter class on the athletic Athene H who is now owned by Jasmin Head.
So grateful for my Indoor school in this horrendous weather!

Happy Christmas everyone!

Christmas Day is nearly here and all the horses are looking forward to their carrots from Santa!! I definitely feel very 'Christmassy' especially after spending two days at Olympia.

We had not been to a show for a couple of weeks as we were very busy with the newly broken in youngsters so I decided to do Solihull and Onley last Wednesday and Thursday. Most of the jumpers are enjoying a break at the moment so I only took three to the shows. Cindorada won the Newcomers at Solihull and jumped a lovely double clear in the Foxhunter and Athene H jumped a nice clear in the 1.15m open. It was the first time I jumped Athene H in 7 weeks for his new owners.
I jumped 'Irn Bru' who is an 8yr old Irish Gelding in the Blue Chip Karma Qualifier at Onley and he jumped his socks off and came 2nd in a very competitive jump off. His owner Brad Hooker had injured his shoulder badly and could not ride so he asked me to jump him instead. Cindorada jumped a slower clear and also qualified for the final which is held at Hartpury in April.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in 2013. I am looking forward to 2014 as I have a very nice string of horses to campaign.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. X

Solihull again!

It was a busy and long day at Solihull yesterday but another good show for our young horses. Harpers Bazaar jumped another lovely double clear in the British novice only her second show. Eldorada was awesome and jumped a double clear and placed in the discovery. Cindorada was 4th in the newcomers and jumped a super double clear over a strong Foxhunter track and Cominka also jumped great and double clear and placed 3rd in the Foxhunter. We are just breaking a couple of 3yr olds in at the moment and teaching a couple of recently backed horses to jump!
The older experienced horses are enjoying a well earn holiday at the moment till February! 🌞✈


I took Eldorado to Solihull last week for his first ever show and he jumped a lovely double clear in the British Novice. He is 4 years old and by Dorada. I bought him last year from the Brightwell's auction at Addington. Cindorada was placed in the newcomers and Foxhunter classes and Cominka was also double clear in the Foxhunter.

This week at Solihull Eldorada jumped another lovely double clear in the British Novice and my latest project Harpers Bizaar who is 5yrs old by Harlequin Du Carel was also double clear in the novice, this was her first show and she only learnt to jump 3 weeks previously! Marquisette who is 5yr old mare by Marcolas G won the Discovery class and Cominka was 2nd in the Newcomers. Cindorada was double clear in the Foxhunter.
We went to Onley Grounds on Thursday for a change. Eldorada had one fence down in the 105m open but did some great jumps. Marquisettee was double clear in the 105m. Cindorada was double clear in the Newcomers and Foxhunter classes and Cominka was on form and won the Newcomers and the Foxhunter class with some awesome jump off turns. πŸ˜ƒ