Angie Thompson Sport Horses

Angie Thompson Sport Horses specialises in training quality showjumpers to compete and sell.

Angie Thompson Sport Horses specialises in training quality showjumpers to compete and sell. Angie Thompson is an International showjumper.

November 2015

It's been a while since I last wrote!
I would like you to meet Sienna Caroline Rimes. She is now 5 weeks old and doing really well. I had a 30 hour labour which was unfortunately followed by an emergency C Sec so I still can't think about riding for another 3 weeks at least! I'm desperate to get back jumping but I've been told I must be careful and take my time! πŸ™ˆ I'm Getting busy with lessons again and love having some time back in the yard. 🐴


Bicton Arena

Always Lots of walking at Bicton!!
Ma Cherie Z jump very well in the Foxhunter second round. The heavens opened during the first round and the ground conditions became very slippery. After jumping two great clears we had a slip in to a fence in the jump off and had it down to finish in 8th place. The only other class I jumped her in was the Newcomers second round where she was very unlucky to clip the final jump.
Canberra Z was 5th the first day and then 6th the second day out of 100 ish
competitors in the Foxhunters classes. She then jumped her socks off in the Newcomers Second Round with a clear in round 1 and just had one down in round two.


Royal Cornwall Show

I love this County show the main ring is huge and always in fantastic condition and Steve Williams and his team build some great courses.
I took a couple of younger up and coming horses as I have sold my older horses. Ma Cherie Z a 7yr old mare by Montender jumped a super clear in her first 135 Open and Finished 6th and Canberra Z also in her first 135 jumped a lovely clear to finish 7th. Well done to Annie Burton who also jumped a clear on Calrina WBF. πŸ˜ƒ
The following day Ma Cherie Z was 3rd in a very competitive accumulator class. Cherie was then also placed 3rd in the Last days 130m open and Canberra Z was placed 4th. 🐴


Recent Shows

We had a nice few days at the Wales & West Second Round show at the end of June. Babette had a 2nd out of 100+ competitors in a Foxhunter class and Canberra Z and Ma Cherie Z were also placed. The following day Ma Cherie z was 3rd Babette was 5th and Bayard also jump a double clear out of another 100+ competitions. Unfortunately I had no luck in the Newcomers second Round. They all jumped really well but had one down on all of them! πŸ™ˆ

Weston Lawns

A couple of quiet days for us at Weston Lawns. Yesterday we just took three horses. Babette and Ma Cherie Z jumped super double clears to finish in 5th and 6th place in the Foxhunter. Zantalas also jumped a lovely double clear in the Discovery.
Today we just took two horses! Babette was 6th in the Winter Grade C Final and Ma Cherie Z jumped an awesome speedy clear against the clock to win the B&C handicap with 32 in the jump off! Good couple of days. πŸ‘


Weston Lawns

Nice day today even though it was cold!
Jess Nutbeens grey gelding jumped a nice double clear in the 115m open. Zantalas also jumped a lovely double clear in the British Novice. She's such a calm chilled out youngster.
Poppy Bridgwater's talented 7yr old mare Ma Cherie Z won the A7 Foxhunter in a competitive jump off. Also well done to Annie Burton and Molly Davies who also jumped good rounds. πŸ‘

Gorgeous day at Allens Hill

Beautiful weather at Allens Hill on Wednesday plenty of sand and even seagulls just minus the water!! 😎 πŸŠπŸŒžπŸΉπŸ‘™
Horses jumped well to. Vanity a 5yr old mare by Vangelis S/Burgraff owned by Kate Vickery won the British Novice and was 2nd in the Discovery. Our Homebred 5yr old mare Zantalas by Marcolas G out of Okzana W was 2nd in the BN and then won the Discovery. Makita also a 5yr old mare by NΓΊmero Uno was double clear and 3rd in the Discovery owned by Frankie Johnson.
New horse Hassini owned by Jess Nutbeen just had a pole in the Newcomers and Ma Cherie Z a 7yr old mare owned by Poppy Bridgwater had a very quick time but just tipped an unlucky pole in the jump off of the Foxhunter. Pleased with all the horses performances.
The older horses have had a break this week. Next show is Weston Lawns next week with them.


Blue Chip champs

WOW what an amazing couple of days at the Blue Chip Champs with Babette 😍🐴 winning both the Power and Karma Championships. There were about 78 in both classes and then approx 34 in the Power jump off and about 22 in the Karma jump off So I had to have my foot flat to the floor as I was first to go in the Power and second to go in the Karma. She was a star for me and jumped her socks off. Luckily She loves going against the clock! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
All the horses jumped well. Bayard was also double clear in the Karma and was placed and Calrina did a fast clear in an extremely competitive class and was placed. Those horses have earn't themselves a nice day in the field today 🌞🐴
Thank you to everyone who helped me xxxx πŸ‘


Weston lawns

Nice sunny day at Weston lawns on Easter Monday with Bayard winning the Foxhunter Babette 2nd in the B&C and Calrina was 6th in the 140m open. This was followed by a lovely afternoon at Paxford point 2 point with friends πŸ‡πŸ‡

Allens Hill again

Another nice day at Allens Hill with all the horses jumping well. Vanity a 5yr old mare by Burgraff owned by Kate Vickery won the British Novice. Homebred Zantalas was 2nd. Delihah jumped a lovely Double Clear and 4th in the Newcomers. Bayard was Double clear in the Fox but somehow I got 1 time fault πŸ™ˆ..we then redeemed ourselves and jumped a super double clear in the 130m. Babette jumped a speedy double clear to win the 130m. πŸ† Well done to Annie Burton for jumping double clear in the 120m and 130m opens on Edison S. Loving the new surface they have put down its super. The horses jump really well off it and it's a local show πŸ‘

Allens Hill

A good day at Allens Hill with a load of youngsters yesterday. Zantalas a 5yr old mare who we bred out of my top mare Oksana W and by Marcolas G did her first ever show and won the British Novice! I was also 2nd on another mare we bred also 5yrs old by NΓΊmero Uno now owned by Frankie Johnson called Makita. Vanity who is a 5 yr old mare owned by Kate Vickery was at her first show, she was green but also jumped a double clear. πŸ‘
Delihah jumped a lovely two rounds in the Newcomers to come 3rd and Bayard iv was DC and 2nd in the 130m. 🐴
We also had a successful afternoon training at Solihull today with 6 ponies and a horse! #busytimes


I had no luck at Hartpury on the Saturday but thankfully Sunday was so much better. Bayard was 2nd in the Foxhunter and had clear and 4 in the Winter Grade C Qualifier. Babette jumped super to win the Grade C Qualifier and Calrina was double clear and finished 3rd in the 130m open. #Good day at the office!

It's been another busy week..I took 6 novice horses training at Solihull on Tuesday and they all jumped really well.

I then went to Weston Lawns on Thursday to help two clients so I just took Delihah with me as she has hardly been to any shows recently. She jumped a lovely double clear in the Newcomers and my pupils did well to.

Also had a lovely day at Cheltenham Gold Cup last Friday πŸ‡πŸ†


South view and Solihull premier shows

We did a couple of days at South View's premier show - the jumping was good but it was very cold and wet! I only jumped Calrina once in a strong 140/145 class and she jumped a super double clear to finish in 4th place in a fast jump off.
Babette won the Winter Novice qualifying for the Royal International at Hickstead. There were 90 starters and only 2 qualify. I was late drawn in the jump off and knew how fast I needed to go so I went for it!! It's the first time I've really gone for it against the clock and she's quick and careful!
My new ride Ma Cherie a 7 yr old mare was double clear and placed in the Foxhunter the first day and was unlucky to have a back bar in the Winter Novice jump off. Cherie is Owned by Poppy Bridgwater.
I had a successful time at Solihull Premier Show over the last 3 days. Some great jumping with fast jump offs. My exuberant Canberra Z won the Foxhunter in flying style on the first day. Babette jumped a super round and was placed 8th in the Blue Chip 1.25 qualifier and Ma Cherie also jumped a lovely double clear in the 1.25.
On the second day Babette was on flying form to finish 2nd in another competitive jump off class. Ma Cherie had the fatest time in the karma jump off but we clipped the back bar of the final double 😬. Canberra Z was a bit unlucky to do a super round in the 1.30 open and tipped the last fence in the jump off. I jumped Calrina in the Accumulator and she jumped clear over the fences but I was going for the win and turned too tight to a vertical and she just nipped out on me which was completely my fault plus she is a bit rusty 😳.
It was a busy third day at Solihull with 6 horses on board 😲! Delihah just had the first fence down in the newcomers but then apologised and jumped super. Bayard finished 2nd in the newcomers. He had a sore back so I couldn't jump him on the other days and decided to pop him in a smaller class to make sure he was feeling better.
Babette was flying again to win the Foxhunter. There were 22 in the jump off and I was 2nd to go. The Foxhunters were all for Β£200 so was worth going for! Ma Cherie jumped really well in a very strong and technical Blue Chip B&C qualifier. She made two mistakes but that was by far the toughest track she has faced and jumped it fairly easily. There were a lot of horses struggling.
I jumped Calrina in the 130m Open and she also finished 2nd.
Pretty good couple of weeks. πŸ‘πŸ΄


Skiing, Hartpury and Field House!

It's been a busy year so far! I went skiing for 10 days in Meribel, Le Rosier and les Arcs and had a brilliant time. β„οΈπŸŽΏ
Straight back to reality..came home and had a show the next day where Bayard qualified Blue Chip Karma.
Then last weekend we just did the Power qualifier at Hartpury on the Saturday and Bayard was 2nd.
Sunday we went to field House and Canberra Z won a competitive Karma qualifier. Bayard jumped super in his biggest class to date and was double clear and 3rd in the Blue Chip B&C Qualifier and Babette jumped well (also her biggest class to date) and just had the second fence down but jumped lovely around a long and technical course. To finish a lovely day Calrina won the 130m Open! πŸ΄πŸ΄πŸ‘



First show of the year! We went to Onley yesterday which was our first show for 5 weeks. It was cold! Very impressed with all the work they are doing. It is going to be a very smart show centre. πŸ‘ All the horses jumped very good double clears. Bayard was 5th in the Newcomers, Canberra Z was 3rd in the Foxhunter, Babette was 5th in the Fox and Calrina WBF was 2nd in the 130m open. It was Calrina's first show for 7 months after having a deep bone bruising injury. 🐴🐴